Raised in Queens, NY with the surroundings of a set of parents who knew almost everyone in the Indian Classical world (Pt. Birjhu Maharji, Smt Girja Devi, Pt Ramesh Mishra, Pt Swapan Chaudri, Rashia Khan etc) Shruti began her vocal training in Hindustani Classical music at the age of four from her mother Sanjukta Sen (disciple of the late Smt. Girja Devi). Several things transpired from there.

1.) She took piano lessons at age nine from pianist Wedad Wasseff.
2.) Participated in her after school music program in elementary school and took clarinet lessons.
3.) Sang the American national anthem in Lincoln Center in front of the Indian Prime Minister and during ABC Peter Jennings Fourth of July special.
3.) Mistook the orchestra room for a band room in middle school and started learning viola for the next 5 years (true story).
4.) Auditioned for her choir ┬áduring her freshman year of high school but did not know what “Do Re Mi" meant because she always sang her scales as “Sa Re Ga"
5.) Got into choir her sophomore year and started learning choral music and a capella music with her high school a capella group
6.) Performed at Carnegie Hall with her a capella group
7.) Took vocal jazz training from Joseph Piccirillo (her former high school chorale conductor and now mentor)
8.) Chose to express her feelings musically as she began to write compose and produce her own music.
9.) Organized and performed her first solo concert at twenty-one
10.) Had a peaked interest in teaching and began to teach vocal and piano lessons
11.) Now teaches at Brooklyn College’s Music Prep Center
12.) Her journey has just begun as she continues to write, compose, perform, and teach music.

The ultimate goal is to provoke feeling and tell a story. This has and will be mine.